BTE: Company Profile

Bayer Truck & Equipment (BTE) is a family owned fabricator of custom, built-to-last truck bodies. Based out of Elrosa, Minnesota we have been serving the Upper Midwest since 1976. Specializing in custom truck services, body fabrication, automotive repair, and truck sales, we are able to serve the needs of contractors, companies, and individuals within the construction, utility, municipal, and agricultural industries.

BTE’s extensive product capabilities include creating contractor bodies, dump bodies, crane bodies, service bodies, grain bodies and trailers, flat beds / reel lifts, and fire / rescue bodies, as well as complete truck customization to accommodate additional seating rows, dually conversions, and wheel chair lifts.

We build custom trucks and truck bodies on an individual contracted basis — this ensures that your truck fully meets your needs, wants, and job specifications. BTE maintains well established relationships with some of the most recognized automotive parts and truck body suppliers in the industry; and retains dedicated employees who are always ready to support your truck customization needs.

BTE: Four Decades Strong and Counting

The 1970s & 1980s

Before there was Bayer Truck & Equipment (BTE), there was Bayer Auto, Incorporated. Established in 1976 by Mark Bayer, Bayer Auto operated has a collision repair shop serving the residents of Elrosa, Minnesota and the surrounding communities. Family-owned and operated, the business began with only a handful of employees working in a small body shop located on the outskirts of town.

The 1990s & 2000s

In 1995 Mark founded a sister-company, Mark Bayer Auto — which operated as a licensed auto dealer within the state of Minnesota. Around that same time, Bayer Auto Inc. began taking on jobs to build custom trucks. Our truck customization services directly lead into an even greater opportunity — truck body fabrication. Thus we began fabricating truck bodies to compliment our newly established truck sales division.

The 2010s

In 2011, due to continuous company evolvement and the type of products being produced, we upgraded the company name from Bayer Auto Inc. to Bayer Truck & Equipment Inc. With the adoption of a new name we were able to better convey our growing manufacturing and customization services.

Today we no longer operate out of a small body shop. Still located outside of Elrosa, Minnesota, we now operate out of three different facilities, with our largest shop covering 40,000 square feet. But that is not the only expansion. Now recognized as a powerhouse manufacturer within the work-truck industry, we no longer only serve local area residents. Presently BTE serves the entire Upper Midwest, providing truck bodies and beds on a contracted basis.

The Future

It has been our commitment to customer service, and our drive for continual adaption that has allowed our company to prosper. Bayer Truck & Equipment has worked with customers throughout the United States, engineering each truck to meet specific wants and needs — and we don’t plan to stop. With constant innovation, new design ideas, and the dedication to work hard, we believe the future looks bright.

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Featured on a segment of The History Channel's "Modern Marvels" TV Series

Featured on "On The Road with Jason Davis"

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